Round Rotherham Run    14th October, 2017

Start List as of 24 Sep 2017

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109 individual entries listed

Relay teams 6 to date

Note: race numbers and dibbers will be issued on the day. 

Entries are sorted alphabetically by surname for each start time (sequence on list at registration).  Location is given in case you want to try to make joint travel arrangements.  If you want to be put in contact with someone on the list, contact me to mediate an e-mail introduction. Send an email introducing yourself, thoughts about accommodation, etc and I will forward it (if we have an e-mail address).  Entries are (normally) sorted alphabetically by surname for each start time (sequence on list at registration).

This list is to be read in conjunction with the original list, on the SiEntries website an instantly-updated entry list, which provides the Entry Name. The list below, updated infrequently, has, in addition, the number of completions, and your name as used in the archive (Archive Name), a name previously supplied or amended to distinguish duplicate names, and not normally modified to minimise the risk of an error.  Ladies: if you have changed your name by marriage, for example, please let me know so that I can combine your older and newer records. In this case, I would change your archive name

This list will be used for the results stored in the archive, which will be compiled as soon as possible after the event. The Entry Number may be different from that in other lists.

The number of completions in the list is based on our records; I think some people have put the number of starts rather than the number of finishes.  Please contact me, Henry Marston, with any queries about the list below, e.g. if you think the number of completions is wrong, or if I have mistaken you for someone else of the same or similar name.   For dopplegangers, an identifying abbreviated tag, in brackets, is added after the archive name.  This tag remains permanently in the archive.list   They are usually generated from the town given in the address.

Certain names will be corrected later - e.g. where there is a capital letter in the middle, as in McKnight.  Town and County are as entered by the participant, e.g. Sheffield may be put as the Town or County

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 53 at 6 am -  56 at 7am

Note: this is a preliminary list, not fully verified.  It will be checked!

Start Entry Name Archive Name m/f Club Name Finishes Town Country
6:00 Jayne Astbury Jayne Astbury F   0 Willoughby On The Wolds United Kingdom
6:00 John Astbury John Astbury M   1 Willoughby On The Wolds UNITED KINGDOM
6:00 Pam Baird Pam Baird F Ldwa - The Irregulars 8 Harrogate UNITED KINGDOM
6:00 Kev Baldry Kev Baldry M Centurion RC 3 Birmingham  
6:00 Paul Beasley Paul Beasley M Sutton In Ashfield Harriers & Ac 5 Nottingham  
6:00 Helen Bingley Helen Bingley F   0 Caton United Kingdom
6:00 Vanessa Bysouth Vanessa Bysouth F   1 St. Albans United Kingdom
6:00 Helen Cavanagh Helen Cavanagh F   1 Bury  
6:00 Andrew Crosby Andrew Crosby M   0 Ripley United Kingdom
6:00 Elaine Dee Elaine Dee F Ldwa 9 Middleton-On-The-Wolds  
6:00 Jonathan Derwanz Jonathan Derwanz M   4 Middleton On The Wolds  
6:00 Justin Eveleigh Justin Eveleigh M Cherwell Runners & Joggers 5 Worcester UNITED KINGDOM
6:00 Liz George Liz George F   0 Doncaster United Kingdom
6:00 Barry Gibson Barry Gibson M   1 Doncaster  
6:00 Jayne Glynn Jayne Glynn F   4 Dronfield  
6:00 Philip Haigh Philip Haigh M   15 Rotherham  
6:00 Lee Hall Lee Hall M   1 Nottingham United Kingdom
6:00 Stephen Hull Stephen Hull M   0 North Kelsey United Kingdom
6:00 Stephen Ismay Stephen Ismay M   0 Olney  
6:00 Jennie Johnson Jennie Johnson F   0 Rotherham United Kingdom
6:00 Gavin King Gavin King M Team Manvers 1 Rotherham United Kingdom
6:00 Tom Marler Tom Marler M Chorlton Runners 0 Stockport United Kingdom
6:00 Henry Marston Henry Marston M Rotherham Harriers And Ac 27 Rotherham  
6:00 Mel Morison Mel Morison F   0 Sheffield United Kingdom
6:00 Victoria Morris Victoria Morris F   0 Harrogate United Kingdom
6:00 Philip Musson Philip Musson M Ldwa 16 Cottingham UNITED KINGDOM
6:00 Vera Ostojic Vera Ostojic F Keighley & Craven Ac 1 Skipton  
6:00 David Oxley David Oxley M 100 Marathon Club 15 Horncastle  
6:00 Amanda Parnaby Amanda Parnaby F Ilkley Harriers 9 Leeds  
6:00 Martin Payne Martin Payne M Dark Peak Fell Runners 9 Sheffield  
6:00 Steve Platt Steve Platt M 100 Marathon Club 3 London  
6:00 Kev Roden Kev Roden M   1 Pontefract United Kingdom
6:00 Ruth Sampson Ruth Sampson F   0 Dronfield United Kingdom
6:00 Martin Scott Martin Scott M Pudsey Pacers Rc 0 Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
6:00 Darren Seeney Darren Seeney M   0 Llangefni United Kingdom
6:00 Jacqueline Seeney Jacqueline Seeney F   0 Llangefni United Kingdom
6:00 James Simpson James Simpson M Sutton And Ashfield Harriers 1 Matlock United Kingdom
6:00 Kate Simpson Kate Simpson F Sutton In Ashfield Harriers & Ac 0 Matlock United Kingdom
6:00 Jeff Stevens Jeff Stevens M Ldwa 3 Pontefract  
6:00 Lindsey Stewart Lindsey Stewart F   4 Birmingham  
6:00 John Turner John Turner M Ldwa 4 York  
6:00 Richard Vaughan Richard Vaughan M   0 Wakefield  
6:00 Jacki Walker Jacki Walker F   0 Mansfield United Kingdom
6:00 Madeleine Watson Madeleine Watson F Chapel Allerton 7 Leeds  
6:00 Judith Webb Judith Webb F 100 Marathon Club 9 Sheffield  
6:00 Andrew West Andrew West M LDWA - Anytime/where 27 Doncaster  
6:00 Andy Weston Andy Weston M   2 St. Albans  
6:00 Denise Whyte Denise Whyte F   0 Nailsworth United Kingdom
6:00 Jon Whyte Jon Whyte M   0 Nailsworth United Kingdom
6:00 Ruth Whyte Ruth Whyte F   0 Sunderland United Kingdom
6:00 Cyril Williams Cyril Williams M Ldwa Merseystride 4 Chester  
6:00 Peter Wootton Peter Wootton M LDWA 3 Wakefield UNITED KINGDOM
6:00 Armorel Young Armorel Young F   3 Nottingham  
7:00 Ryan Alexander Ryan Alexander M   1 Sheffield United Kingdom
7:00 David Asbridge David Asbridge M Rotherham Harriers And Ac 0 Fribourg Switzerland
7:00 Simon Bayliss Simon Bayliss M Steel City Striders 1 Dronfield United Kingdom
7:00 David Burke David Burke (Lbrn) M   0 Leyburn UNITED KINGDOM
7:00 Paul Casson Paul Casson M Kimberworth Striders 0 Rotherham United Kingdom
7:00 Anne Cook Anne Cook F Ripley Running Club 1 Wessington  
7:00 Stephen Cotter Stephen Cotter M Rotherham Harriers & Ac 3 Nr Worksop  
7:00 John Cunnane John Cunnane M Pontypridd Roadents 18 Pontypridd  
7:00 Luke Davis Luke Davis M   1 Rotherham United Kingdom
7:00 Wesley Evans Wesley Evans M Chorlton Runners 0 Wythenshawe United Kingdom
7:00 Thomas FitzSimons Thomas Fitzsimons M   1 Wakefield  
7:00 Andy Ford Andy Ford M Horwich R M I Harriers 0 Altrincham United Kingdom
7:00 Steven Garlick Steve Garlick M Vocalink Running Club 10 York  
7:00 Paul Greenwood Paul Greenwood M Kimberworth Striders 0 Sheffield United Kingdom
7:00 Stephen Hall Stephen Hall M Skipton Ac 4 Skipton UNITED KINGDOM
7:00 Nick Ham Nick Ham M Glossopdale Harriers 10 Stockport  
7:00 Barry Harrison Barry Harrison M Trail Runners Assoc. 19 Kingston Upon Thames  
7:00 Nick Hart Nick Hart M Pudsey & Bramley Ac 0 Leeds United Kingdom
7:00 Janet Hill Janet Hill F Springfield Striders 2 Chelmsford  
7:00 Geoff Holburt Geoff Holburt M LDWA 7 Bolton  
7:00 Kevin Holmes Kevin Holmes M   0 Leeds United Kingdom
7:00 Kevin Hoult Kevin Hoult M Stadium Runners 6 Huddersfield  
7:00 Martin Hunt Martin Hunt M Kimberworth Striders 0 Rotherham United Kingdom
7:00 Neil Jones Neil Jones M   1 Leeds United Kingdom
7:00 Steven Jones Steven Jones M Dark Peak Fell Runners 1 Leicester United Kingdom
7:00 Nick Kendall Nick Kendall M Retford Ac 0 Ranskill United Kingdom
7:00 Andrew Kinsley Andrew Kinsley M Retford Ac 0 Ranskill United Kingdom
7:00 Colin Laughton Colin Laughton M Worksop Harriers 0 Newark United Kingdom
7:00 Adam Lee Adam Lee M Teammanvers 0 Mexborough United Kingdom
7:00 Robert Lovegrove Robert Lovegrove M Badgers 4 Atherstone  
7:00 Matthew Martin Matthew Martin M Clowne Road Runners Club 0 Chesterfield United Kingdom
7:00 Bill McDonnell Bill McDonnell M Pensby Runners 4 Moreton  
7:00 James Middlebrook James Middlebrook M   1 Selby United Kingdom
7:00 Paul Mulholland Paul Mulholland M   5 Rugby  
7:00 Adrian Murray-Walker Adrian Murray-Walker M Annan & District Ath Club 1 Annan UNITED KINGDOM
7:00 Michael Pepper Michael Pepper M Team Manvers 1 Rotherham United Kingdom
7:00 Will Pilbeam Will Pilbeam M Eryri Harriers 0 Holyhead United Kingdom
7:00 Rebecca Platts Rebecca Platts F Rotherham Harriers And Ac 0 Rotherham United Kingdom
7:00 John Pullan John Pullan M   0 Rotherham United Kingdom
7:00 Darren Robinson Darren Robinson M   0 Sheffield United Kingdom
7:00 Dick Scroop Richard Scroop M Mercia Fell Runners 7 Wolverhampton  
7:00 Ashley Simpson Ashley Simpson M   0 Alfreton United Kingdom
7:00 Mark Smith Mark Smith M Kimberworth Striders 2 Rotherham UNITED KINGDOM
7:00 Sarah Smith Sarah Smith F Valley Striders 1 Leeds  
7:00 Jan Soderkvist Jan Soderkvist M   3 Taby Sweden
7:00 John Spencer John Morgan Spencer M Dark Peak Fell Runners 1 Doncaster  
7:00 Dave Stevens Dave Stevens M   0 Birmingham United Kingdom
7:00 Ken Sutor Ken Sutor M Cheshire Hash House Harriers 2 Knutsford  
7:00 Jack Swindells Jack Swindells M Dark Peak Fell Runners 1 Sheffield  
7:00 Roger Taylor Roger Taylor M Stone Master Marathoners 6 Stone UNITED KINGDOM
7:00 Lee Vaudrey Lee Vaudrey M   0 Lytham St Annes United Kingdom
7:00 Nathan Walsh Nathan Walsh M   2 Preston  
7:00 Antony Wilson Antony Wilson M   0 Colwyn Bay United Kingdom
7:00 Marcus Wilson Marcus Wilson     4 Rotherham  
7:00 Elly Woodhead Elly Woodhead F Kimberworth Striders 0 Wickersley  
7:00 Adam Worrallo Adam Worrallo M Bingley Harriers 2 Farnhill UNITED KINGDOM

Already, more entries have been received. 

If you have any queries/find errors about the Archive and related enquiries: Henry Marston

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 Note: any people who advise us that they will not be able to take part remain on this list to be archived as dsn's

Please check Club name, which is used for the team competition. No club, no team
For LDWA, teams are based on groups (e.g.) LDWA - Variety.
LDWA as a whole does not count in the team competition

Relay Teams

Please advise of any team changes at registration or at the finish on the day - this table is not edited after the event - refer to results

Relay teams 6

To be updated - job in progress!

Note: Where a team member is given as N/A, no-one was entered to run the particular stage
Female distance and hence Mixed Team validity cannot then be calculated automatically


Validity of teams indicated as MIX? to be verified
Mixed team : 4 or more stages run by ladies.  Concession: 2 or 3 stages can be run by ladies provided that at least one third of the distance, i.e. total distance of at least 27 km is run by ladies.  With 3 ladies stages, options that allow a lady to run the Glory stage 8 include (a) ladies run Stage 1 plus any others or (b) ladies run Stage 3 plus 2 others, but not both 6 and 8.  Or two ladies can run stage 1 and one of  2, 3 or 7.  There are more options if a man runs the Glory (final) leg.

Open teams are sometimes mistakenly listed as M or Men's teams; they can be mixed male and female, but do not meet the eligibility for the Mixed category

Note: RELAY race numbers will be issued in advance (for circulation to team members) or by arrangement can be issued on the day (especially for teams of two)

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