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Rowbotham's Round Rotherham
through the South Yorkshire Forest
(The area designated as The South Yorkshire Forest is mainly rural land rather than a vast area of woodland)

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Administrative Changes and Changes to Route

This section is for returnees who are familiar with what happened in previous years.
Maps and descriptions
(subject to availability) are issued at registration on the day; these are updated up to a week or so before the event  for the current year, although there are sometimes late changes advised verbally.
Printed summaries of the changes will be available for collection on the day at Registration (after SIcard collection), subject to availability.

There may be more changes; check here again nearer the day

Changes marked # have been incorporated into written description, $ into Wainwright map, @ into GPS files
Location identifications are common for these 3 navigation modes: A is stage 1, B Stage 2 etc, followed by a number to show which point (e.g. A1, A2, A4 - not necessarily consecutive but always increasing) 

Future changes

HS2: The RR route crosses the HS2 route on stages 3 and 7, on Rights of Way. Eventually, crossings should be provided. However, during construction there may be some diversions - TBC and probably not before 2025.  We will be monitoring the situation. Late changes may have to be imposed.

Changes for 2021
The 2021 event is planned for 9th October but at present the format is under discussion with the TRA and RMC for Covid compliance

Route Changes
Stage 2: Airport Road to Catcliffe: The slip road from the Airport Road to Parkway is being widened. The footpath should not be affected. Cross from the hotel access to the hedge, go through it and go left to follow the path adjacent to the hedge to the steps.

Catcliffe to Treeton: Again, the route is minimally affected, the surrounds have changed. From the (new) traffic lights, follow the signed footpath parallel to the river. Current earthworks mean you may be diverted to the (lower) fisherman's path, and back to the main path at the power line. You can get on to the fisherman's path directly, from the end of the wall to the left of the grassy area at the start of the signed path.

Changes for 2020
The 2020 event
has unfortunately had to be cancelled due to Covid-19. The 2021 event is planned for 9th October

Route Changes

Stage 1: One potential problem already reported is planned closure of the path between waypoints A5 and A6 on the first stage. This is after the first road crossing where you bear left and "Don't go under the bridge". The path is planned to be closed from July to October. If the path is open on the day, we will use it. Alternatively, and for recce outings:
On reaching the road (just before A5), turn left. Follow road past a side road and (after a similar distance) just after a bridge over a stream, follow a good path on the right through a recreation grounds to a main road. Turn right, continue past the Junction Inn and turn left, picking up the TPT branch (at A6) to Elsecar as normal. Unfortunately, a bit longer, but unavoidable in the circumstances.
Maps and description will only be updated if this appears to be going to apply on the day, or may be issued as a "route change"

Changes for 2019

A start at 4 am is available for walkers who expect to take between 16 and 20 hours. Walkers who expect to finish in 16 hours but may take 17 hours should still start at 6 am.
How it works: 4 am starters must pre-enter, giving 4 am as the start time. You can edit the start time in your online entry up to the online closing date; thereafter no changes to the 4am start can be made. At the event centre, a room will be set aside for 4 am starters, for sleeping (you will want to get your head down early) and registration/set off in the morning. If you don't sleep in this room (e.g. in a camper van), you are advised to reconnoitre its location on Friday night. 'Race' numbers and SI dibbers will be preallocated and issued shortly before 4 am. Therefore, no entry on the day, no transfer from a later start after online entries close (entries are editable on the SIentries system up to the closing date). The system will be low-key but robust - you may have to collect badges and (ordered) T-shirts when you finish. Checkpoint 1 will open early, at 6:30 am. A flat 16 hour schedule would give an arrival time of 7 am, but some slowing in the later stages is anticipated. If you arrive early, you are required to wait until the official arrives to record your passage and offer some refreshments.
Time Limit: 4 am starters are expected to finish by midnight. Event Centre operations will taper down from 23:00.

Also see entry information.

Route Changes

Strip map showing change (2019 and 2018 changes, 2 copies of each for printing )

#$ Checkpoint 7 has been moved from Old Denaby to Hooton Roberts.
In the approach to Hooton Roberts, on the lane just before the start of the tarmac, CP7 is in the barn on your left. This is the first building on your way into Hooton Roberts, with welcoming lights along the front.  Parking is restricted; vehicles should park at the main cross-roads, in the road widening.  On the day, longer term parking (e.g. for relay runners who want to park, run and run back) will be specified. Stage 7 is shortened and Stage 8 lengthened by 2.1 km.
This change makes the stage lengths more equal. Now, for a valid Mixed relay teams with 3 ladies, if one runs the shortest stage (6), a lady must run Stage 1 or 3. (A team with 4 to 7 ladies is automatically a valid Mixed team). 

The new checkpoint is in the barn on the left as you approach Hooton Roberts

Changes for 2018
#$@ There is a change of event centre -
Now at Manvers Waterfront Boat Club. Stage 1 is shorter by about 2km, Stage 8 is around 2 km longer. Check navigation page, now updated for maps, description, GPS files.

#$@ Stage 1: At Thorpe Hesley, after joining road and turning L (A18), at cross roads (A19) continue straight across (instead of turning R). Follow estate road to a T junction. Turn L, and you are back on route. At the bottom of the hill, turn R and L at footpath.  This simplifies the route, as we previously had to find an obscure path at a road bend.

Keep looking at this page and our FaceBook page.

Changes for 2017

$ Admin: Strip map converted to PowerPoint, and extensively revised in the process. See navigation page
This strip map will be available (in colour) as hard copies on the day printed on waterproof paper - you don't need a map bag! (50 copies, subject to availability).

#$@ Stage 2. Leaving the first checkpoint, the old route followed an old railway line, then took a path that droped to a stream and climbed steps to a road. Unfortunately this path has been blocked by a new landowner. There are two consequences:
1. The route will be modified permanently.  From the checkpoint, follow the fence down, bear left and go under the bridge under the old railway to the road. Follow the pavement to the right of the road (take care, keep to the footpath) for 500 m.  Cross the road and take the gated track bearing left and uphill.
2. We plan to put in a Right of Way claim for our original route. If I was on a social walk, I would prefer to use the original route than to walk a path to the side of a busy road. If there was a problem with the road route, we would like to have the option of reverting to the original route, as described by Ralph Rowbotham almost 40 years ago, which gives us precedence for a ROW claim.  If you are a regular participant, especially if you took part 20 years or more ago, and are wiling to support the ROW claim, please let me, Henry Marston, know and I will provide appropriate forms (as in 2007 for a previous ROW claim!).
GPS files: Waypoint B1 has moved slightly.  Waypoints B2 and B2A are no longer on the route. A new waypoint, B2N has been defined.  This is to avoid confusion, in case you have an old version of the files on your device.

Stage 3: 2017, Race Day only: The British Schools Score Orienteering Championships will be held in Rother Valley Park, starting at 11 am on our race day. This should not be a problem, but you may encounter signage, taping, marshals, competitors, etc on your way through the park. In particular, children milling around the start, near the adventure playground. Please respect competitors in Rother Valley Park on race day; keep following the route on the path on the floodbank to the left of the river and then along the access road (just as you would, I expect, respect all members of the public anywhere on the route...).

Temporary change: The railway bridge between waypoints B8 and B9 is closed at present but should reopen by 4th September. Current progress - old bridge has been stripped down, but is still in place (27 Aug). Hopefully, a new bridge will be in place before the event. I suggest delaying recce runs on this stage until the bridge reopens, but if you do recce, the 'Footpath Closed' sign will help you identify the start of the hidden path to the bridge, for future reference.  There is an alternative bridge a further 500 m east, towards Rotherham, R down a good track opposite Pembroke Street. When you get to the canal (various options), turn right along the tarmaced canalside path and you will soon be back on the route.  Bridge now reopened

Stage 4.  Late change: After crossing the fields (D12), approaching Top Hall Farm (D13) and Netherthorpe Airfield, the footbridge crossing a ravine between earthbanks has been closed as it is in a dangerous condition. See attached file for diversion.
On the strip map, it is at the top of strip 9     ONLY FOR 2017

Stage 4.  For Sunday recce runs, there is a small risk that the level crossing just after Turnerwood may be closed for engineering work on the railway.  Check for Disruptions to services, select Train (Northern) and check for entries relating to the Sheffield - Worksop - Lincoln line.  Such disruptions are rare, and are confined to Sunday so won't affect the actual event.

Changes for 2016

#$@ Stage 1,  View: Thorpe Hesley to Scholes - easier navigation and better underfoot

From A21, follow path between fences and bear R, keeping on tarmac path to steps on left (New A22) to Health Centre parking. Go left of Well Pharmacy on path cut through gorse. At top of hill (New A23), turn left, follow ridge path on left of fields to Scholes (A24). Strip map and written description have been updated; GPS files have been updated.


Changes in 2015

LDWA members: There is an issue as to whether the Round Rotherham (and other non-LDWA events) should be listed in Strider.  There are trophies, so the RR is seen as a competition, against the ethos of LDWA Challenge Events.   Should trail events that are adapted to accommodate walkers, with (e.g.) time limit to allow at least steady walkers complete and adequate feed stations.  If you have some sympathy with the RR being listed in Strider, please read this document.  Feedback welcome at (remove the NOT)

Admin: Electronic tagging using the SiEntries sytem will be employed

Stage 2: Alongside River Don from B9 to B10,  the path closed earlier in the year has been reopened.

Changes in 2014

Navigation to Event Centre: The post code S63 7EW is correct, but is not correctly mapped, even by the Post Office! Best to use S63 7ER (52 Golden Smithies Lane) and navigate from there.   If you approach from the large Manvers roundabout, continue but go straight on (2nd exit) at the second (smaller) roundabout.  If you approach through traffic lights, EITHER continue down Golden Smithies Lane to the first roundabout and turn sharp right (3rd exit) OR park on car park (one without barriers) on right after 'destination', No 52, and walk through college grounds to the sports hall.


Update on route: For those who have come back from recce runs lacerated, I have been assured by Rotherham and Nottinghamshire that their overgrown paths after Hilltop on Stage 2 (B6 to B7) and access path to Langold Park on Stage 5 (E11 to E12) respectively will be cleared by contractors before race day. On Stage 2, after the Aston Hotel, cross the field and be sure to cross the stile and take the path on the left, parallel to Parkway, to the right of the fence (B18 to B19). Otherwise you will end up in a boulder field, severely overgrown with brambles, etc!

No significant route changes have been identified this year, so last year's maps and route descriptions can be used, although there are minor textual amendments. If you still need to download navigation aids, they are available at

Stage 8 Old Denaby railway crossing (H2): The level crossing has been closed (due to kids playing Chicken with trains).  You have to cross the line by the footbridge - take care on the steep concrete steps!

Stage 8 (H11): The temporary blockage reported earlier in Swinton has been removed


Changes in 2013

Check here for further changes


For 2013, the emergency telephone number will be 07860 250878

Route:  Summary of changes on one page (strip map and written)

A revised version of the GPS (.gpx version) route file has been uploaded with shorter waypoint names, better for audible notification.

#$@ Checkpoint 1 is being moved from the west end of the track through Grange Park to the pavilion in the adjacent fenced-off area with football pitches.  This will slightly extend Stage 1, but no additional climb.  Stage 2 will miss the gentle uphill and short steep downhill away from the checkpoint - now downhill quite steeply and along an old railway line.  The changes have been incorporated into the map, description and (most) GPS files

Revised Description for Stage 1
A29: Turn R towards Golf Course,  
½L after 40 m down bank, across CarPk to RD, L on RD, R on path before security gates

A30 (new waypoint): follow path between fence and hedge, bear
L to park RD and fenced area. ChkPt on R at gates at fence corner.

Revised Description for Stage 2
CP1: Continue to follow fence below CarPk, L at boulders, ½R to track above bridge, R on track
B01: Follow track 290 m to sculpture at path Xing. ½L
down path

Pictorial version:
The route in pictures: Checkpoint 1

#$@ Stage 2:  RIGHT OF WAY RESOLVED (as of 2 May 2013). 
Follow 'improved' 'old' route, not 'alternative' route used for the last few years:
At Hilltop, cross road and take the path between fences to the left of the new buildings.  Follow path to pylon at bottom of hill and fork left through gap in hedge and follow path between hedge and pylon to road. 
Cross road, go through gap to right of gate (by Footpath sign) and bear left along track. After 70 m, take path down steps to right and through cleared path in thickets to lower road.  Turn L and follow road to bus shelters.   See the route change in pictures

#$@  Stage 8:  Simplification, thanks to RMBC path-making and information passed on at the Clifton Park parkrun!
After canal, bear R up tarmac path in centre of playing field to RD.  Cross RD to (new) illuminated cycle track.  Follow it to Dearne Valley College. (joins up with cycle path previously used)

Changes in 2012


For 2012, the emergency telephone number will be 07860 250878 (as for 2011, not as previously stated)
Maps and the route description will show this number.

Route changes 2012

Stage 2: Hilltop-Meadowbank Road

Anticipated change / reverting to old route

The council have advised that the legal issues related to the ROW at Meadowhall Road between Grange Park and Tinsley have been resolved.  They are planning to undertake site work to make the path available by the start of October.  The following directions are inevitably vague, as the work is in progress and cannot be tested; it will be updated when the route is available.  Until Public Footpath signs are installed, you are advised to follow the 2008-2011 route for recce runs.

However as of 10 Oct the route was a sea of nettles and brambles.  Maybe it has proved too daunting for RMBC staff to clear. Use the diversion used for the last few years unless alternative instructions are given on the day.

From Hilltop, cross road and take the path between fences to the left of the new buildings.  Follow path to pylon at bottom of hill.  IF the path is open, L at the pylon over a stile, and down to the road.  Cross road and take track as signed by a Public Footpath sign.  Fork right off the track at the second gateway (should be signed down an obvious path - if you reach a building you have gone too far).  This path will come out on the lower road; turn left and follow to the bus shelters. 

No other changes are anticipated for 2012, but care is required on Stage 8, from the Mexborough station underpass, following the River Don to the industrial estate at Swinton.  There is reported to be an open manhole and fly-tipped rubbish obstructing the path - take care!  The Rotherham council have been advised, and hopefully they will do something about it.....

Changes in 2011

For 2011, the emergency telephone number will be 07860 250878
Maps and the route description should now show this number.

Route changes 2011

Check here for further route changes

#$  Until ROW is confirmed follow alternative route:
At Hilltop, cross road and take the path between fences to the left of the new buildings.  Follow path to pylon at bottom of hill.  Continue on path past pylon until it turns right (about 10 metres), drop down steep bank to road, cross and take grass path across field to lower road.  Turn left and follow road. 
The public enquiry endorsed the ROW, but with a caveat that could be appealed - outcome awaited.

Stage 5/6
#$  The village hall used for the Firbeck checkpoint for the last few years has closed; the checkpoint will now be in the hall on the opposite (left) of the track as you approach Firbeck.  Recce runs and team stage lengths are not affected.

Stage 6/7
#$  The Maltby checkpoint is being relocated at the village hall, on the right after passing through the churchyard. 
Consequently, Stage 6 is reduced in length, Stage 7 lengthened by 1.2 km.  This means that Stage 6 will be the third longest stage in the event.
For 2 person relay teams, the odd stage runner now gets the 3 longest stages, 1, 3 and 7 (total 49.8 km, c.f. 31.2)

Stage 7
#$  Crossing fields from Micklebring to Firsby Hall Farm, trees on either side of a track have been ploughed up, making a large, open field, requiring care in navigation.  Revised instructions from field bridge (change in italics):
Take defined FP across field to gap in hedge (aim for white “Heron Way” disk on brow of hill) on bearing of 268°, cross railway cutting on bridge. Cross stile to left of gate after bridge.  Bear half right (302° - turn through 30°) and cross field to gap in hedge, to left of high point of ridge; do not drop into valley on left.   Cross track (R then L). Cross field, to L end of hedge at opening. Don’t go through opening but take track to L of hedge.  Follow track above reservoir (on left) bear L on path to L of fenced area to hamlet.  Turn R.  You are now on the old route at Firsby Hall Farm.

Stage length summary

Route changes 2010:  Summary

$#  Stage 2: THIS CHANGE RELATES TO DISPUTED A RIGHT OF WAY.  Monitor this page to check for updates; ROW is still disputed.

After Hilltop, take the path between fences to the left of the new buildings.  Follow path to pylon at bottom of hill. From here, there are two alternatives, depending on how the ROW issue is resolved.  If you are planning a recce run...   Cross stile by pylon, drop to RD, cross to track.  If there are signs indicating a public footpath (finger post or round plastic arrow sign), follow signed route past steel gates for 30 m, R down small path to R of wooden gateposts, cross rough land/stile to RD.  (If you see new house at end of track, you have gone too far.)  If there is no indication of a public footpath, go right for 20 metres and take grass path across field to lower RD.  In either case, turn left and follow road to hidden path on right, behind bus shelter. 

S# Stage 2: Brinsworth to Catcliffe  This route in now definitively defined, following various landscaping and development works.
Follow Wood Lane through to roundabout on access road for (former) airport, turn left to follow road to next roundabout at bus shelter (Aston Hotel on left).  Turn L at roundabout, then take ROW on right, opposite third lamppost on this road.  Follow direction of arrow on path to stile close to main road. Cross stile, turn left and follow path between fences to steps leading to path under bridge.  
See the route in pictures 2

$#   Catcliffe to Treeton - As in 2009 and following effective completion of the landscaping work, we will use the 'old' route parallel to river: R at main RD, (short cut in front of houses), then L on FP over earthbank at RD junction. Follow cycle path along right bank of the river, cross the large grey-green bridge, initially right and then go straight up to cross FB over RWY.  

See the route in pictures 2

Stage 4

Lindrick Golf Course - A subway has been constructed under the A57, and a permissive path goes through it. 

After climbing up from the stream crossing at the boundary of the golf course, fork right along a track past a shed (following yellow posts).  Fork left obeying  Permissive Path sign, then left to tunnel.  On leaving tunnel, turn left as signed, passing to right of green to next sign (partially hidden by trees) going behind line of bushes.  Follow edge of vegetation to path at corner.  The next path crosses a fairway, emerging opposite the lane leading to Woodsetts. 

See the route in pictures 4a

Stage 8

Swinton to Finish:  The route to the Finish shown on the maps and described in the written description is that to be used in any recce runs.  It is anticipated that on the day a route will be taped  from the 'illuminated cycle path' to the Finish Line back of the sports centre.


Changes in 2009

Organisational Changes 2009

Change of date - to be brought forward 2 months.  Most people should be able to finish in daylight - and certainly there will be less dark, and less plough.

Route changes 2009:  Summary

4 route changes are already under consideration - to be confirmed.  
Changes marked # have been incorporated into written description, $ into Wainwright map

$#  Stage 2: THIS CHANGE RELATES TO DISPUTED A RIGHT OF WAY.  You will be advised on the day which route to take.

After Hilltop, take the path between fences to the left of the new buildings.  Follow path to pylon at bottom of hill. From here, there are two alternatives (to be confirmed on the day - it is expected that we will be taking the alternative fall-back route).

Original:  Cross stile by pylon, drop to RD, cross to track,  past steel gates if they are open for 30 m, R down small path to R of wooden gateposts, cross rough land/stile to RD.  If you see new house at end of track, you have gone too far. If gates are closed, go right for 20 metres and take grass path across field to lower road.
Fall-back:  Continue on path past pylon until it turns right (about 10 metres), drop down steep bank to road, cross and take grass path across field to lower road.  Turn left and follow road. 

In each case, follow road to hidden path on right, opposite first road in from the left and near bus shelters.

$#  Stage 2: Catcliffe to Treeton - A second change relates to a bridge that has been closed but a better bridge should be reopened.  RMBC hope that this will be available for  2009.  You will be advised which route to take on the day

 If landscaping is finished, we will return to the old route parallel to river: R at main RD, (short cut in front of houses), then L on FP over earthbank at RD junction. Follow cycle path along right bank of the river, cross the large grey-green bridge, initially right and then go straight up to cross FB over RWY.   This is likely to become available just before the event, and so can't be reconnoitred fully.

If bridge is not open (and recce runs, after looking at the above): L at main RD, R at mini roundabout, follow RD to L bend, past track (to Wilf Jay’s), R at FP sign, through gate up bank, follow path to fence, turn L. Follow fence, R at corner, then L to cross FB over RWY Note: the path closure notice at road corner in Treeton refers to the old route, not this alternative.  See the route in pictures 2

$# Amended description:
Treeton checkpoint/feedstation: moved to cricket pavilion, 100 m straight up Washfield Lane from footbridge over railway.  Checkpoint at gate to cricket grounds, feedstation at pavilion. 
See the route in pictures 2

$# Stage 3: From checkpoint, go out of gate, turn R, take  field path along top boundary of cricket ground (footpath and TPT signs).  Keep straight on until path starts to go downhill, then go Right through stone squeeze (obstruction to stop motor cycles) / under a telephone wire to footpath (half right) leading to bend in track, opposite concrete bridge leading to lakeside path.  See the route in pictures 3a

$# Stage 4: change of Right of Way after level crossing at Turnerwood
Cross RWY, turn R, follow path on L bank of ditch towards farm complex. Go round back of farm (to L) and at track turn L uphill along track towards woods.  See the route in pictures 4

$# Stage 8:  From Swinton. Follow canal towpath under bridge, then Right up field to road, cross to stile, follow path half right across field to a line of  bushes.  Go to the right of the bushes, then  sharp left behind them to a gap leading to a path and stile; join cycle track.  Follow this to DVC.  (replaces route along Hatherley Rd).  See the route in pictures 8

Changes in 2008:  Summary

Three starts: 6:00 for walkers and slower runners, 7:00 for fast runners,  8:00 for relay teams.

Stage 2. From Hilltop. SA on fenced path at L of new houses. SA and slightly R alongside fence to pylon at bottom of hill.    ---  Issue still open for 2010, see above

Stage 2:  Minor adjustment following local redevelopment:  Approaching Tinsley, after crossing canal take new FP through stile to L and then R to RD - cross where safe, turn R

Changes in 2007: Summary

We are using the 2006 Event Centre, Dearne Valley College Sports

There will be three starts: 6:00 for walkers,  7:00 for runners,  8:00 for relay teams.

Stage 1
Grange Park Checkpoint is (probably) to be moved from the access road to the track between the Golf Driving Range and the fenced-off football pitches, i.e. about 500 m further on.  Confirmed.

Stage 2 
From Hilltop. SA on fenced path at L of CP (behind houses). SA and slightly R alongside fence to pylon at bottom of hill. Cross stile by pylon, drop to RD, cross to track, through steel gates, for 20 m, R down small path to R of wooden gateposts, cross rough land/stile to RD.  If you see new house at end of track, you have gone too far. 

Near Sheffield Airport - Turn R down Wood Lane (road works, no road sign).  L at end, at new roundabout ('The Car People' on L, airport on R), follow RD to roundabout after bus shelter. L on site RD, follow line of landing lights to field/site corner adjacent to main RD, down steps and follow fence below main RD and R after bridge. Then L at end of fence on path across rough land, fork R twice, emerge onto open land then L alongside hedge to FP to L of wooden fence in front of houses. Follow FP, cross RD, FP between fences. Follow RD to Catcliffe.  L at main RD, R at mini roundabout, follow RD to L bend, past track (to Wilf Jay's), R at FP sign, through gate up bank, follow path to fence, turn L.
Follow fence, R at corner, then L to cross FB over RWY to TREETON checkpoint

Stage 5

(from FP along edge of housing estate – Carlton-in-Lindrick) to RD. Turn L, 200 m, turn acute R on FP.  Warning – this FP is reported to be overgrown and flooded at the corner.  Instead, continue along the road for 15 m, turn right back on yourself and regain FP when possible.

Stage 6
On the approach to Maltby Church, a footbridge was closed for repair (as of July) for 6 months.  This has now been repaired - no change needed

Stage 7
A significant change is being introduced for Stage 7 (Maltby to Old Denaby) for safety, to avoid a long run on a dangerous road, AS BELOW:

From MALTBY checkpoint (6) LOCATION TO BE CONFIRMED Continue along RD, SA at crossroads to track. L in front of gate, follow wall round, first down 50 m, turn R, 100 m, ½R up walled track. Follow track 1.5 km to RD at farm. 

Change from here:  Turn R follow RD 200 m then L to Micklebring. Follow RD through village to 4-way junction.   Turn ½R, (L of small village green) to FP (signed) after barn after last house on L. Follow path on L of field to stile at L corner (below M18 motorway).  Take path alongside fence (below M18) over 3 stiles to surfaced track.  Turn R, under motorway, then L on track parallel to M18. After 100 m, R at stile, indistinct path (field edge) to FB (planks) over stream and R round end of hedge. Defined FP across field to gap in hedge, cross railway cutting on bridge. Cross stile to left of gate after bridge.  Follow track to L of fence (small trees on left), to end of fence. Cross track. Cross small field, to L end of hedge at opening. Don’t go through opening but take track to L of hedge to left of opening, to R of a field.  Follow track above reservoir (on left) and L of fenced area to hamlet. Turn R at track (beware of stone blocks blocking end of track)  

You are now on the old route at Firsby Hall Farm.  Follow track between buildings first  L and then R down over stream. Turn L on signed FP across field (uphill) to escarpment, ½ R to woods, immediately turn L down FP (½ L, following L edge of wood). Becomes track, then lane. At main RD (Hooton Roberts) go SA down lane, ½ R. Lane becomes track. Follow to L at end in field to gate, go down field to OLD DENABY checkpoint (7) at RD  Grid Reference SK 479988 (TBC) 

Wainwright map of changes  2007 changes still apply (you may need to right click, Save Target As... and open the Acrobat - .pdf - file),
printable summary of changes and Route in Pictures (stage 7) updated

Changes in 2006 that still apply:  Summary
(Italics are new)
New Event Centre:  the Manvers Sports Centre at the Dearne Valley College  
(Brampton Leisure Centre is being closed).  
This will affect at least Stages 1 and 8 - further details below

5 Dec 2006:  GPS files have been updated to include route changes

Organisational changes for 2006: 

(a) Brampton Leisure Centre is closing, and we have negotiated a new venue, the DVC Sports Centre at the Dearne Valley College, which was passed 3 km from the finish in previous years.  It is signed from the Manvers roundabout (SE 454008) on the A6023, 8 km north of Rotherham.  Grid Ref SE 455003.  Directions in Final Details and our  web site. Optional basic Friday Night accommodation (£4 pp, bring sleeping bag – see Final Details).  This route is shown in pictures

(b) there will be one start for runners

Route Changes 2006

Stage 1: Start to Grange 
Significant change.  
Leave Event Centre, follow College road to roundabout, cross it to Manvers roundabout.  Take 3rd exit Barnsley A6023 (to right of MANVERS sign) on FP/cycle track. Pass 4 roundabouts.  Continue on FP to fork.  Bear L, then R, up slope to Blue Bridge.  Cross BR, L, then fork R across grass to lakeside path.  At end of lake, bear L (do not cross bridge) to path junction.  L along main (level) hard-surfaced FP, signed TPT.  Keep on this hard-surfaced FP, under bridges, and follow it right across a BR to a RD.  Cross RD, under metal arch, after 200 m bear L, signed Elsecar, on narrow path, cross RD (under another arch). Surfaced path, parallel to dual carriageway, to access RD to Retail Park.  Cross Rd, R of Morrisons, down slope, following surfaced path, bear R after clear area, eventually joining canal towpath.  Next landmark: Elsecar  This section is shown in pictures  There is also a printable description with map  (for best results, Save target as... and then print with Adobe Acrobat).

Stage 2
 ( Brinsworth to Catcliffe):
Site work on Europa Way obstructs route past  the airport landing lights

   This section is shown in pictures 

Stage 3
In Rother Valley Park. Do not turn right off park access road as in previous years.  Instead, follow park access RD to main RD.  Cross RD, turn R (downhill).  L along tarmac track just before stream (bridge).  Follow track to canal, merge to towpath, uphill (Norwood). Follow canal bank. 

Stage 8: Old Denaby to Finish
From Swinton, follow illuminated cycle path to Dearne Valley College and where path emerges to college grounds (and road) turn L up and to the Sports Centre to finish.  This section is shown in pictures

Changes in 2005:

§Stage 2 ( Brinsworth to Catcliffe):
We have reverted to the original route, modified by landscaping, but at least at present open, without last year's obstructing fences :
go down Wood Lane to Europa Way, turn left on pavement and continue to the roundabout just after the airport landing lights. Turn L along the road and then along the line of the lights.  Continue to the field/site corner.   Down slope and then steps, under main road.  R after 40 m, 50 m then 150°L (very sharp) on path/track, on FP cross first RD, FP (between fences) then follow RD to Catcliffe. R at main RD, (short cut in front of houses), then L on signed path at RD junction. 

§Stage 7 (Ravenfield Common)
Turn Right after barn on slight Road bend after 40 sign.  Follow path ½ Left over stiles across 3 fields.  Note: the power line that used to be followed has been removed.  The line of the path can be followed - with care - to the stiles at each fence.  Bare ½ Right after the third stile, cross plank bridge to stile at corner of field leading to track.

(Stage 8 changes obsolete)

§ indicates changes incorporated into map and description (later on this page)

Changes in 2004:

Stage 2:
Within Grange Park, there are now even more fences.  Follow park r
oad for 100 m, turn L and follow to road  bend and  gates in security fence.  Turn right following path/surfaced path between fences and hedge, (New bit) Keep going in same general direction, down, across park road and up following fence round football pitches, Left at corner. At end of low wooden pole fence, turn Right along edge of rough ground to SMALL path. You are now back on route.

Stage 2:
The field with the landing lights of Sheffield Airport is now fenced off (Stage 2, Brinsworth to Catcliffe). Unless the path is re-opened, follow airport access road to roundabout, under bridge (following signs for Catcliffe), past Morrisons and 2 roundabouts, continue to left turn on road towards Catcliffe - go straight ahead in line with Left kerb of Poplar Way over earthbank signed as a footpath

Details will be confirmed on the day.

Thanks to Les Hill  and Ian Wallis for bringing some of these changes to our attention..

Update for 2003

Update for 2002

    Changes 2002:

Update for 2001

     Changes 2001:


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