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Section from Hilltop to River Don

Following opening of the Right of Way between Meadowhall Road and Meadow Bank Road, we can reverted to the 'improved' 'traditional' route.

What you see

Where you go

Waypoint Reference Number:  B05

From Hilltop, SA on fenced path at L of new houses. SA and bear R alongside fence, aim for pylon at bottom of hill.
Waypoint Reference Number:  B06



Fork L through hedge to base of pylon, path to RD Cross RD, through gap to R of gate (FP sign), bear L along track for 70 m.
Waypoint Reference Number:  B06A



R down steps, follow path through thickets to RD
Waypoint Reference Number:  B07


 L, follow RD 200 m to hidden path on R, behind bus shelter (after TDE, before Roebuck)
Waypoint Reference Number:  B08



Path is at small gap between security fences, R in front of next security fence, parallel to RWY, to FB over RWY, down steps and R to towpath at river/canal


Danger: Flesh-cutting barbs are conveniently located at shoulder height on section of fence approaching footbridge!

Waypoint Reference Number:  B09


Along R bank of river for 1 km, crossing arch BR to locks.

NB  Towpath work complete - it has been upgraded to tarmac!

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