The Round Rotherham Run in Pictures      Stage 1/2  Checkpoint 1 at Grange Park

What you see Where you go
1st RD on R (Golf Course access RD)
       Waypoint Reference Identifier:  A29

Turn R towards Golf Course,  L after 40 m down bank, across old CarPk to RD, L on RD, R at gates

  Waypoint Reference Identifier:  A30

Follow FP between fence and hedge, bear L with fence then down to RD, follow to CP in pavilion. 


GRANGE Checkpoint (1) Grid Reference SK 393939   Open 07:30 to 10:40   17. 4 km



From CP1

Follow fence below CarPk, L at boulders, R to track above bridge, R on track.

Do not go under the bridge

Note: Follow flags on the day - you may be signed an alternative route to the track over the bridge.  Slightly easier to run, more difficult to find so this route is described for recce runs


Old railway track                                  Pass information board base just before sculpture


Runners view of sculpture                    Front view - go down path on opp side of track


Waypoint Reference Identifier:  B01

Follow track 290 m to sculpture at path Xing. L down path

  Waypoint Reference Identifier:  B02

Follow path downhill and to right

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