present an ultra cross country Trail event and also an ultra cross country Trail Relay through the South Yorkshire Forest following the approximate route of the ROTHERHAM boundary,
for 50 miles / 81 km along footpaths, towpaths, tracks and roads, on an undulating route with overall 800 m of climb,
based on an idea from the long standing club secretary Ralph Rowbotham (and also former Club President), hence

Event Centre: Manvers Waterfront Boat Club, Station Road, Wath upon Dearne, Rotherham S63 7DG
Sat Nav, use S63 7BU  Grid reference SE442017

Please be aware: Covid-19 restrictions may affect organisation of the event including support that can be provided and possible exclusion of some individuals based on location (Covid-tier restrictions) and experience. Start format may be changed, and the relay may not be possible.  T-shirts, badges, intermediate refreshments and meal at finish may not be available.  More details later. 

Note: closing date is Saturday 2nd October!
(26th September if you want a T-shirt)

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The entry procedure for 2021 is as for last few years via SiEntries. There are different entry procedures for the Individual (aka Solo) and Relay

Note: Information on this page is provided in good faith. No responsibility is accepted for errors or subsequent changes.

2021 entries are now open.  EOD is available for individuals on the 6am and 7am starts, not relays or 4 am start.
Note: You can edit your entry on the SIentries system up to the online closing date, for example to change start time.

WARNING: There are no refunds, no deferments, so don't enter unless you are SURE to be able to take part. 
As there is a generous race limit, there is no advantage to getting your entry in too early. 

With the Coronavirus situation, the details of the event are in flux, but ready to get into gear when we get the all-clear. For now, it's probably best to wait before making your entry. 

Make sure you enter by 23:59 on 2nd October (pre-entries and entry editing will then automatically close for this event) to benefit from the lower pre-entry-on-the-day rate,
22 if you are affiliated to UK Athletics, otherwise 24. 
The entry fee is being held as the additional charges for Covid-19 compliance probably outweigh the cost savings of reduced support.
EOD (30) MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE DUE TO COVID  for 6 am and 7 am starters,
 if you are still in doubt, but without T-shirts and badges, which are ordered on the basis of pre-entries at about 25 Sept.

We hope the assistance will not be required, but should you have need for help, we are confident that you will appreciate the assistance.

Procedure: Follow link to the event on SIentries for the Individual event (current link is now to the 2021 event)

If you haven't used SiEntries before, create an account giving your details.
If you already have an account, login and check your details, especially date of birth; for some types of event, only the year of birth is required, so DOB is presented as 01/01/yyyy
Please change this (via My Details) to the proper DOB.
Select the appropriate 'Team', either Individual/Solo or Relay (8 legs)

Be assured that SiEntries is a well-established organisation; registering for the site is risk-free. 
Registering makes entering future events easier, and enables them to forward information, potentially critical information, from the race organiser about the event.

Age Limit
The Minimum Age on the Day is 20 years for the individual event, under UKA rules.
Also UKA rules prohibit accompanying dogs, except assistance dogs

See Navigation page for description of route / route changes / schematic map / accommodation

Other useful information on / from RRR page

Historical record, to answer question of (approximate) number of completions, if you aren't sure.  If you disagree, please contact the archivist,  Henry Marston, to discuss.
The claimed number is primarily used to check whether an entry has to be linked to an entry in a previous year; the number in the archive is not changed unless an error is identified and resolved.
 Concise list of number of completions by surname  Initials A-F   Initials G-O    Initials P-Z
Archive - summary of historical information with links to detailed listings
(updated to include the 2018 event)

Date: Saturday, 9th October, 2021


The Minimum Age on the Day is 20 years for the individual event.

Please note that entries and results will be processed by computer, and can only be accepted on this basis. This information will only be used in connection with the Round Rotherham event.  

Any person taking part under the wrong name will be disqualified..
You have every opportunity to enter correctly on the day


See above for entry details

Click this link for online entry for Relay (current link is to 2021 event)

On-line entry for 2021 is now available.  EOD (Entry on the Day) is NOT available for the relay.

With the Coronavirus situation, event organisation is in abeyance, but ready to get into gear when we get the all-clear. However, even if the individual can proceed, the relay is in more doubt. For now, it's best to wait for confirmation that teh event is on before making your entry - there will be plenty of time to enter if it goes ahead. 

The event, held under TRA UK:athletics rules, takes place at low altitude (below 150 m, 500') but autumn, potentially wintery conditions. Competitors should be aware of danger hypothermia, and are advised to carry or wear a waterproof top (cagoule, etc) adequate clothing. All take part their own risk must report Finish, retire by handing in number an official check point. register on day, with travel information (car registration, companions, etc), give each Organiser reserves right alter course light conditions day. Rotherham Harriers Athletics Club cannot responsible for any loss injury arising participation this event.

If you want to check whether your entry has been processed, check on SiEntries and click on Entry List

Relay Registration form (update, to hand in on the day - not for entry)

Date: Saturday, 9th October, 2021

Differences from the Individual Event are listed here


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