The Round Rotherham Run in Pictures    Stage 6 - Firbeck to Maltby

What you see

Where you go

1 View from Firbeck checkpoint, with pub on right.
Take (hidden) footpath to right after about 100 m, opposite first road on left (Kingswood Close/Manor Farm, local housing estate)

SW 0.0 km 54.2 km

2 View from Kingswood Close

Continue along track / path, behind gardens on right. At end of gardens, bear left on track.  Continue along track.

NW 0.1 km 54.3 km

3 Track swings right, left, right (at T-junction) to follow earth bank

W 0.3 km 54.5 km

4 Follow earthbank, left round end of earthbank

N 1.2 km 55.4 km

5 Follow main track (ignoring Footpath sign across field).  

NW 1.5 km 55.7 km

6 Hedge on right after end of field.

W 1.7 km 55.9 km

7 View across to Stone Farm (half right).  Gated track (with stile) from current track passes to left of farm.

NW 1.9 km 56.1 km

  Right at gate/horse stile to right of hedge

N 2.0 km 56.2 km

8       next pictures - to follow Go through second gate to left of farm, left at T junction

N 2.1 km 56.3 km

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