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2023 winners:

Rory Harris 6:52:14
Lisa Walbridge (100 Marathon Club) 8:38:41


Thank you all for coming, and a special thanks to all our officials and helpers

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Maps and route description

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Recent changes (to route and administration)

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Rotherham Harriers and Athletics Club
Trail and Fell Running Section

Secretary: Steve Rowbotham
 Round Rotherham 50

proudly presents


The 41st
Rowbotham's Round Rotherham International Trail Event
of 80 km, 50 miles
an undulating route with, overall, 800 m of climb through the South Yorkshire Forest
(The area designated as The South Yorkshire Forest is mainly rural land rather than a vast area of woodland)

Saturday, 5th October, 2024

from our Event Centre: MWBC, viz

the Manvers Waterfront Boat Club

The end of an era


Two stalwarts of the RRRR Organising Team, Brian Harney and Sharon Burton, have stepped down from their roles, but the RRRR will continue under the guiding hands of Stephen Rowbotham (son of Ralph) and his wife Mary

See Recent changes for more!

2023 Results from SportIdent
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enhanced with further analysis)
plus press reports, some FB posts

General start bands, to be split in groups as last year

Starts: Slower Walkers 4 am (aim 16 to 20 hours, see FAQs)

Walkers and Joggers 6 am (aim 12 to 16/17 hours)

Runners 7 am (expecting to finish within 12 hours, see FAQs)

Note, if you start earlier than appropriate and you arrive at a checkpoint before its official opening time, you will have to wait.

Relay 8 am (mass start)

The RR is held under the rules of the TRA (Trail Running Association), a National Association of UK Athletics



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Historical record now updated with 2023 results

Initial Results (2012)
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Expanded 2012 Results as available

Expanded 2011 Results NOW with graphical and tabular splits for individual and relay (data for similar graphs for 2012 is awaited), plus links to blog reports on the event













Travel and Accommodation

Navigation / route finding for participants and supporters

Course changes.  Last year's versions of map and written description available and this year's versions as they are developed

Supporter's route round checkpoints, with postcodes for SatNav users!

Use of Sat Nav for the route - beta version now available!

GPS data

Holding announcement:

20xx entries are now open for individuals and the relay - there is no race limit and there are no refunds, so don't worry about getting an entry in early (closes x Oct) - now via SiEntries.  For info visit RRR entry with  links to SiEntries and your historical record (number of completions)

FAQs - answers to common questions raised about the event

Forum Discussion

View the route on Google Earth, with the 2007 route

Getting to the Event Centre

The strip map
written description, etc

Changes to route  
NEW  pictures of route

The Origin of Ralph Rowbotham's Round Rotherham Route:
The Original route description

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Expanded 2010 Results (preliminary versions with splits analysis now available in graphical format)
Rotherham Advertiser report, testimonials, etc added AND an epic poem

Expanded 2009 Results (splits awaiting data, in preparation)

RRR Results 2008

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RRR Results 2006

RRR Results 2005

The RRR is a qualifying event for next year's LDWA 100-mile event. The 4 am start now provides a 20 hour time limit as required for 50 mile LDWA events.

The RRR is often used as a training event for the Marathon de Sables

It is often an event in the Runfurther race series

RRR Results 2004

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RRR Results 1983-96 as an Excel spreadsheet


Rotherham has a parkrun, at Clifton Park, unfortunately clashing with this event one day a year - plenty of other opportunities!

Historical record from 1983 updated to 2023


The Round Rotherham is included as an event recorded on DUV, the German Ultramarathon Association.  It's based in Germany, but records results of Ultra events (>45 km) worldwide - almost 7000 events so far this year (early Dec 2023).  Round Rotherham results are presented on their site.

Your quick source of information, maps, low-down on route, travel and direct links to entries for the Round Rotherham.

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Help zone: queries arising that haven't been answered.

None at present

The Round Rotherham has long been a qualifier for the LDWA 100 event. However, the previous time limit of 16/17 hours was considered too tight. A new start of 4 am was offered for slower walkers who expect to take between 16 and 20 hours, with the first checkpoint's opening times adjusted to accommodate a 20 hour schedule. See Changes for details and FAQs for explanation.

Checkpoint 7 has been moved from Old Denaby to Hooton Roberts, 2.4 km earlier.  See Changes for more details. Maps, etc, have been updated

The 41st running of the event will take place on

Saturday 5th October 2024

The event is normally held on a Saturday in October. 

Don't forget your torch (6am starters, and those finishing after 6:30 pm)
A start at 4 am is available for walkers who expect to take between 16 and 20 hours - good night light clearly essential

Sunrise 07:14  Sunset 18:31 for 2024

Dawn Twilight: 06:40  Dusk twilight: 19:06

(for comparison: for 13 Dec, date of 2008 event, SR: 08:07 Dawn 07:26 , SS 15:51 Dusk 16:32)

Go to the Travel, Accommodation, and Navigation page for practical information:
Getting to the Event Centre:
the Manvers Waterfront Boat Club
Where to stay
Finding your way round the course (strip map / written description)
Route changes for this year (and changes over the last few years for those who have missed recent events)
Route between checkpoints for supporters (by car)

Recipe for confusion
Rowbotham's Round Rotherham is, for the most part, waymarked as is also the Rotherham Ring Route developed by the local Ramblers Group, but also based on the route devised by Ralph Rowbotham.  The two routes coincide over much of the distance, but there are significant differences, notably near the
middle checkpoint (we need to get to the Woodsetts check-point to give you refreshments) and near the start/finish, and where there has been major re-development.   The Wainwright map indicates where the Ring markers may lead you astray by showing an open arrow with the legend 'Rotherham Ring'.

 The event route on your SmartPhone or Tablet

Screenshots on an HTC Android phone using the MyTrails app
As you approach each marker, the phone can be set to warn you so that you can check where to go next.

RRR route overlaid on OpenStreetMap

    FAQs - answers to common questions raised about the event

Forum Discussion: You can comment on our Facebook page

Low-down on the route, stage by stage overview (corresponding to the relay - individuals enjoy the full experience)

Historical description:
An alternative description, in poetry, as reported for an earlier RRR by stalwart Barry Harrison, submitted in 2011 in tribute to Ralph Rowbotham, who sadly died in 2010. 

For interest, you may like to read Ralph's original description of the route.  I have scanned my original copy and have tried to present it like the original, using a typewriter font with one or two typos.  It makes an interesting read, if you know the route.  The major landscape changes are associated with the elimination of the collieries, Manvers (extending from the Event Centre to the RSPB site at  Old Moor), Cortonwood (now a retail park) and Brookhouse (now Rother Valley Country Park) plus the landscaping for the short-lived Sheffield airport and the site of Orgreave coking plant (approaching Treeton).  The distance of 43 miles is I think the sum of the stage distances quoted in the text (I made it 42), but 2 miles from Meadowbank Road to Catcliffe, 5 miles from Woodhouse Mill (Fence) to Harthill!  Note the reference to the canal towpath being precarious at places - path condition is generally much improved, much less mud!  Our original 'event' in 1983 was estimated to be 48 miles.

The event is held under TRA rules

The event takes place at low altitude (below 150 m, 500') but in autumn, potentially under wintery conditions. Generally, you are expected to be experienced and capable of deciding what clothing you require. Competitors should be aware of the danger of hypothermia, and are advised to carry or wear a waterproof top (cagoule, etc) and adequate clothing. All competitors take part at their own risk and must report to the Finish, as required TRA / UK:Athletics rules. It is your responsibility to hand in the SI card at the Finish - failure to do so can initiate a search. There is a charge (around £30) for failure to return the SI card. Individuals must check in on the day. The Organiser reserves the right to alter the course in the light of conditions on the day. The Organiser and Rotherham Harriers and Athletics Club cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury arising from participation in this event. Acceptance of our Covid-19 protocol (to be specified in the Final Details that will be circulated by email) is expected to be a condition of entry.

Following discussions with the TRA in connection with our race permit, we have been asked to emphasise that there is a railway level crossing on the route.  You are responsible for your own safety, and you should only cross if you consider it to be safe to do so.  A second level crossing (Stage 7, Old Denaby) has been closed, and you will need to cross the line by the bridge after 76 km.  Take care on this bridge - you have the choice of taking teh steps or going up and down the ramp.

You will, of course, understand that under TRA rules anyone disobeying any instructions from a marshal or any other official risks disqualification, as does anyone deliberately taking an unauthorised route (AKA short-cut, or in some cases a longer ‘easier’ route) or running under someone else’s name, for example.

Participants are also expected to obey The Countryside Code, which is dedicated to helping members of the public respect, protect and enjoy the countryside. Follow the links below for more information to the five constituent sections.

Be safe, plan ahead and follow any signs

Leave gates and property as you find them

Protect plants and animals and take your litter home

Keep dogs under close control

Consider other people

Changes are detailed on the Changes page, updated maps, etc on the Navigation Page

Stage lengths (2023) 

The event, held under TRA UK:athletics rules, takes place at low altitude (below 150 m, 500') but autumn, potentially under wintery conditions. Competitors should be aware of the danger of hypothermia, and are advised to carry or wear a waterproof top (cagoule, etc) and adequate clothing. Walkers will require torches until about 07:30, and again from 16:00. All competitors take part at their own risk and must report to the Finish, or retire by handing in their number at an official check point. Competitors must register on the day, with travel information (car registration, companions, etc), and give their number at each check point. The Organiser reserves the right to alter the course in the light of conditions on the day. The Organiser and Rotherham Harriers and Athletics Club cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury arising from participation in this event.


length, km Climb (GPS), m Opening hours of CP at end of stage

Start to Grange

15.6 308 6:30 - 10:30

Grange to Treeton

10.1 170 8:30 - 12:00

Treeton to Harthill

11.9 196 9:30 - 14:00

Harthill to Woodsetts

9.2 123 10:15 - 16:00

Woodsetts to Firbeck

9.0 86 11:00 - 18:00

Firbeck to Maltby

6.3 108 11:45 - 19:30

Maltby to Hooton Roberts

9.1 130 12:15 - 21:45

Hooton Roberts to Finish

9.5 108 13:00 - 23:59

The Emergency Phone Number on the day is 07....  tbc

Link to older Route Changes and General Navigation

For background information, see our  FAQs.  You may find relevant  information in the forums where this event is discussed (please let me know if you are aware of others):


FaceBook page

See the FRA website forums, the RRR being listed under Long Distance Challenges, freely available. 

There is also a forum on the Runners World website, which also has training tips, although some pages are only available to those who subscribe (with real money). For the forum, find the RRR event (Dec 2008, Ultra distance, North region). Apparently there is more information on the forum for the High Peak 40 (a past event, Sept 2008), but not easy to find relevant entries. Or just search for Rotherham in the forum search bar.  

You will find event reports on the FaceBook page, old results pages and if you search for Round Rotherham on the web (Google, etc)

Read the plaudits from previous satisfied customers published on Page 3 of the November 2004 RHAC newsletter. In theatrical tradition for critics' comments on advertising posters, the next sentence starting "However, " has been removed from some of them (but the comment may have been acted on). 

Low-down on the route, stage by stage (corresponding to the relay - individuals enjoy the full experience)

The route was devised by the then RHAC club secretary Ralph Rowbotham during the steel strike in 1980. Sadly, he died in September 2010 of a medical condition whilst out cycling with friends on a Saturday afternoon.

Underfoot conditions vary from stage to stage

Stage 1 (15.6 km) has hard-surfaced paths, road and canal towpath, unfortunately made good so that there is little risk of sliding into the canal, to a yard and then somewhat muddy (briefly) through a wood. Track, road (minor) path through a village, then we have found a muddy ridge. Then firm.

Stage 2 (10.1 km) is mostly firm, but up and down. Tracks and road.

Much of Stage 3 (11.9 km) is made-up of cycleable paths and tracks, gradually climbing. Towards the end there are a couple of field crossings - muddy or firm, depending on what ploughing the farmer's done.

The first 60% of Stage 4 (9.2 km) is a series of field crossings, then easy (hard surfaced tracks and road) apart from the hill (climb of 25 m, but runnable by some). 

Stage 5 (9.0 km) is muddy to start, but from Langold Park gets firmer. Even the fields are reasonably firm except at Wallingwells.

For Stage 6 (6.3 km), the initial route follows field side tracks - can be sloppy. Firm past Roche Abbey, the valley path that follows may be sloppy on the surface but firm beneath.

Stage 7 (9.1 km) starts along roads through Maltby, reaching tracks and a field-side track that can be wet. Short firm section of road, through village, then 3 km of reasonably well-defined field paths to a track through a hamlet.  The field path after and the path through the wood can be wet, the latter being downhill so let yourself go - or take it with care, especially after dark. The checkpoint is at the edge of Hooton Roberts  (This was a major change for 2007 - with plenty of lovely mud).  

Stage 8 (9.3 km) Follow road from checkpoint through Hooton Roberts, then gently uphill on a road that deteriorates to a muddy track, but down a firm field to Old Denaby (old CP).  Road through the village first, a footbridge over the railway leading to a  towpath, then path, road and cycle track finishing with a long road section (cycle track) . Used to be tricky, but has been subjected to council interference replacing muddy paths with cycleable routes.  

RHAC and associated logos

Northern Triangle Series

Unfortunately, neither of the other Northern Triangle Series events, the Doncaster Doddle and the Darlington Dash,  have taken place since 2003, and therefore the series is effectively void, with just one remaining event.  Beyond our control at Rotherham, I'm afraid.

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The event is now usually held on the first, second or third Saturday in October, confirmed shortly after the preceding event.

This page is constantly being updated for the Round Rotherham!
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Links: Information about other distance events

Featured in the Trionium Magazine,

Any person taking part under the wrong name will be disqualified. You have every opportunity to enter correctly on the day

Any person found to be trespassing on a railway or motorway will be disqualified

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Navigation Page
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Checkpoint 1 (Grange) in 2005, later appearing at Old Denaby, when the event was in December



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